QuickLock System


Metalbond QuickLock Series

Q-Lock system is a new diamond plate holder by Klindex developed to solve the common problems experienced by many contractors in the floor grinding industry – excess heat affecting efficiency and performance of diamond tools.


  • Longer tool life
  • Dust extraction is more efficient
  • Lower risk of blunting the tools by excessive heat
  • Increase performance of dry grinding
  • Lower operating costs
  • More flexibility to adjust the speed of the grinding performance of the machine by removing or adding diamond segments
  • Same tools for different size machines

DT Series | Supersoft Bond

Ideal for superhard concrete
Grit – 16-150
Use – Dry

CD Series | Soft Bond

Ideal for hard concrete
Grit – 16-150
Use – Dry

CA Series | Medium Bond

Ideal for medium concrete
Grit – 16-150
Use – Dry

DA Series | Hard Bond

Ideal for soft concrete
Grit – 16-150
Use – Dry

CF Series | Superhard Bond

Ideal for supersoft concrete
Grit – 16-150
Use – Dry

BT00 Arrow QLock

Ideal for paint, resin and glue removal on concrete
Grit – 16-30
Use – Dry

PCD Super Skraper QLock 1PCD Round

Ideal for thick rubbery, pressure sensitive coating removal on concrete
Grit – 6-16
Use – Dry

PCD Super Skraper QLock 2PCD Arrow

Ideal for thick rubbery, pressure sensitive coating removal on concrete
Grit – 6-16
Use – Dry

TCK Diamond

Ideal for self levelling compounds and tough coating removal on green concrete floor
Grit – 6-16
Use – Dry

QLock Plate Holder

For all metalbond diamonds with ready cool system for more effective dry grinding

QLock Velcro Plate Holder

For all Resinbond diamonds


Ready Cool System

Keep your diamonds cool & increase performance

Experienced operators know the challenges of maintaining diamond tool performance due to the diamonds heating up excessively. The temperature rise is caused by friction, concentrations of dust under the dust extraction hood of the machine and the accumulation of heat underneath the hood.

Simply with amortized rubber spacers between the diamond holder plates air is allowed to flow in between and effectively cool down the diamond tools, while the reinforced rubber allows flexibility for the metal diamond tools to grind more aggressively by increasing the downward grinding head pressure on the diamond tools. This plate holder also allows the air flow generated between the spacer to enhance the dust extraction process of the vacuum connected to the machine. In addition to the new plate is the new metal bond segment design which allows for more durable cutting to keep the diamond shape under high heat levels and the stress of continual dry cutting.

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Grinding and levelling floors with Klindex QuickLock Diamonds

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The Klindex range of grinding machines are specially designed to suit all types of flooring or benches, making them one the most versatile machinery ranges available on the market today with full metal gearing the machines are designed with a clear focus on the needs of the customer.

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