Hercules 650

Productivity per hour

Superconcrete 7 Steps
Concrete Grind 1 Step
Terrazzo Grind 5 Steps
Glue/Paint Removal 1 Step
Marble Polishing 5 Steps
Granite Polishing 7 Steps

Hercules 650

The world’s first dual-rotating floor grinding system. Hercules 800 features the all new Double Cutting System (DCS System), this unique feature allows the machine to grind and polish in either satellite or planetary mode. The Satellite Mode allows for aggressive and heavy duty grinding of coatings, resins and glues or in Planetary Mode you can achieve a smooth and easier scratch removal finish. These features can be easily switched between by the simple removal or addition of a pin. The Hercules 800 is ideal for large scale industrial/commercial floor preparation that requires heavy duty removal of coatings or glues. It has a working width of 800mm with four heads which allows it to be a large high performance industrial flooring machine with the maximum in productivity.

  • Working width of 650mm allows it to be an extremely compact high performance industrial flooring machine
  • Strong gearbox with thermo-treated steel gearing for maximum durability
  • Very low operator noise during work
  • Machine handle and trolley can be taken apart for ease of transport
  • Auto-levelling planetary system
  • Floating head design to grind down extremely rough industrial flooring
Technical Data

  • Motor
    Driver Inverter
    Speed Tools
    Working Width
    Tool Size
    Water Tank
  • 10HP

Key Features and Capabilities

Innovative DCS System

The innovative DCS System that puts in one machine the features of two different ones. The counter rotating mode can perform as a grinding and polishing machine and the DCS System mode turn the machine into a high performance industrial floor preparation machine.

Large Working section

Working section 650mm with 3 number of 240mm tools. Smaller the tools, lesser the performance. Hercules 650 is the ultimate 4 headed grinding machine with variable speed which is ideal for all types of floors.

strong metal gearbox

The old belt system was replaced by strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life and omit breakage.

powerful motor

The Hercules 650 has a powerful 10HP which makes the machine cut faster and deeper more efficiently.

Fast and Easy change of tools

The machine features a one button system to rotate the planetary 90° to allow a fast and easy change of tools.

Auto levelling Planetary

The machine has a floating head auto levelling planetary system which use to follow the floor and grind while levelling the floor flat.

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The Klindex range of grinding machines are specially designed to suit all types of flooring or benches, making them one the most versatile machinery ranges available on the market today with full metal gearing the machines are designed with a clear focus on the needs of the customer.

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