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Klindex timber sanding machinery are the fastest, most efficient and easiest way to sand all timber, parquetry and cork flooring.

Allows you to give a superior, flatter finish to your customers floor while also doing work capably on concrete and stone. the Klindex range also features edging machinery but is able to provide multi-purpose machinery that can do the work of three different machines in one:

  • smooth and flatten flooring better than a belt sander
  • finish the floor like a single disc machine with screens or pads
  • sands close to the border like an edging machine
Bella Sander
Mini Timba

Sanding wooden floors with klindex timba

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Watch how our machines grind and polish different floors

Concrete floors
Granite floors
Marble floors

The Klindex range of grinding machines are specially designed to suit all types of flooring or benches, making them one the most versatile machinery ranges available on the market today with full metal gearing the machines are designed with a clear focus on the needs of the customer.

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