Superconcrete® System

Super Concrete® is a system created by Klindex that changes a standard concrete floor into a beautiful, polished and easy to maintain surface, thanks to its patented grinding machinery and diamond tools.
Klindex promotes the use of Super Concrete in a variety of applications that require a heavy traffic resistant, clean and aesthetically pleasing floor. This may include warehouses, shops, supermarket, restaurants, garages, houses, showrooms, liquor stores and more.

The surface of the future

Klindex Super Concrete is a fast and easy system for grinding and polishing concrete surfaces without the use of coatings. Thanks to considerable research and development in the industry it is now possible to change a standard concrete floor into a hygienic, wear resistant and beautiful floor that is easy to maintain.
This revolutionary system has been implemented by factories and firms all over the world for commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Due to the high durability of Super Concrete it is quickly becoming very a popular alternative to using coatings such as wax, resins or paints.

Features of the super concrete® SYstem:

  • Increased abrasion and impact resistance
  • High stain and spill resistance
  • Up to 8 times more resistant to wear via foot-traffic
  • Eliminates the potential for marking and damage to the surface via heavy machinery such as forklifts
  • Completely flat and smooth surface finish
  • Hygienic with no VOC emissions
  • Recreate a traditional looking floor with a modern process
  • Range of outcomes can be achieved in terms of visual appearance of the floor or finish


The Longest-Lasting Floor Solution Available

The Klindex Super Concrete flooring system is perfectly suited to existing concrete floors that have been covered with traditional flooring systems such as carpet or timber, allowing the life and strength of the floor to be increased dramatically.
The Super Concrete system process removes the top part of the surface of the old concrete floor (including any patchy, partial, or whole coatings), and hardens the exposed surface beneath, creating a transformation of porous concrete into a dense surface that is highly resistant to wear, scratching and chemicals.

Perfect for truck traffic:

  • Elimination of tyre marks from forklifts, vehicles and industrial hoppers. Generally, when a forklift wheel spins on a coated surface, a tyre mark is created and usually there to stay until the floor is repaired.
  • Decrease in overall fork truck tyre wear and tear (due to the smoothness of the floor and leveling of the uneven surface). In heavy industrial facilities, rough and uneven surfaces cause tyres to wear out rather quickly.


environmentally friendly

Polished concrete is a LEEDs friendly product that utilizes an existing concrete surface, eliminating the need for additional coverings and coating materials to be manufactured and purchased. Tile, carpet, and linoleum usually end up in landfills when they require replacement. Polished concrete is highly durable, and should a re-polish ever become necessary, it is completed on the existing slab at only a fraction of the cost without any significant waste.

Characteristics of the super concrete system:

  • No odor or migration of emissions from chemicals.
  • No solvent that evaporates into air.
  • No products that can cause allergies.
  • Clean air without any dust emitted from Super Concrete Floor.

Due to the surface remaining natural and uncoated, Super Concrete allows water vapour to evaporate through the surface as there are no barriers that harbor bacteria, mould or fungi. These coatings can also flake, peel, crack or separate at different stages in their lifetime.



Easy to maintain, merely requires a sweep and scrub with a floor cleaning machine.
This decrease in floor maintenance means a reduction on cleaning equipment; making brushes, pads and mops require replacement less often. Most floor systems require aggressive scrubbing in order to maintain a clean environment and an attractive appearance.
There is also no need to wax or strip the floor and hence all of your allocated maintenance labour and material costs for stripping and waxing can now be eliminated.


Cost effective

Polished concrete is one of the most economical and cost effective flooring alternatives available. The reduced costs over the life of the floor are associated with saved energy, reduced material costs, maintenance reduction, and especially the long-lasting durability shows that polished concrete is a budget sensible, as well as beautiful, flooring system.


The Process

Existing Concrete Floors

  • Old coatings must be removed to bare concrete. And floors must be clean.
  • Damages should be repaired.
  • Initial Grinding with Metalbond Diamond.
  • Impregnation with Concrete Hardening agent.
  • Polishing with Resinbond diamond discs.
  • Sealing with Impregnating Sealer.
  • Regular dry buffing with a white pad.
New Concrete Floors

  • By the addition of coloured aggregates, it is possible to achieve a very elegant appearance in different variations.
  • Also crushed coloured glass can be seeded into the top layer of fresh concrete where the grinding and polishing processes will reveal the glass pieces.
  • Select colours and aggregates of concrete.
  • Place concrete and allow curing for at least one week before any grinding.
  • Grinding with Metalbond Diamond.
  • Impregnation with Concrete Hardening agent.
  • Polishing with Resinbond diamond discs.
  • Sealing with Impregnating Sealer.
  • Regular dry buffing with a white pad.


Comparison with Coatings

Polish or wax coatings are the traditional methods to achieve a high gloss surface finish to your floor. However, the higher the shine the more susceptible the finish is to scuffing and wear, giving the coating a relatively short period of time. Any further coatings are more vulnerable to scratching and general wear, leaving only the option of stripping the floor before application of new coats. This is a process which must be repeated over and over in the service life of a floor.

The same can be said for paint coatings based on acrylics, epoxies and urethanes, as these must be frequently repainted due to wear (in high traffic areas every 2-5 years). Initial application rates can make these options appear economical, yet in the long-term there is no more expensive form of flooring available.

Before & After

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Superconcrete with Klindex Expander 1000

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