supervak ky200

supervak ky200

The KY 200 is unique to other Supervak models due to its motors position. Whilst many vacuums feature the motors fixed on top of the machine, in the KY200 the motor is positioned at the lower rear of the machine. This allows for the filter chamber to be considerably increased larger in height, improving the cyclonic effect of dust removal. This also improves the performance of the filters and lowers the height of the machine to allow easier transportation into vans. Designed to handle the vacuum requirements of the larger three phase Expander models.

  • A vacuum imitator valve ensures the cooling of the engines even in continuos and highly incumbent use.
  • A pressure indicator allows you to monitor any anomalies or clogging of filters.
  • A Thermal disrupts the operation of the engines in case of overheating.
  • Two secondary filters protect the engine in the case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.
Technical Data

  • Volts (V)
    Power (kW)
    Depress. max mm (H2O)
    Filter Sufaces cm²
    Air flow max lt/min
    Noise level dB/(A)
    Bagk capacity Lt.
    Valve mm H2O
  • Single phase

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