Expander 850

Productivity per hour

Superconcrete 7 Steps
Concrete Grind 1 Step
Terrazzo Grind 5 Steps
Glue/Paint Removal 1 Step
Marble Polishing 5 Steps
Granite Polishing 7 Steps

Expander 850

With a 850mm work section, the Expander is ideal for the professional working in the flooring industry that regularly works on larger commercial projects.
Due to its patented planetary system and metal gear design, the Expander also delivers superior capabilities to polish marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete. Available to handle all types of flooring, from grinding, polishing to floor preparation.

  • Powerful 20 HP motor.
  • Exclusive technology ensuring that this is the only machine of its kind with an adjustable pressure feature, allowing you to automatically adjust the working pressure and the elevation of the machine’s head.
  • Extremely strong metal gear system within the Planetario head without a belt driven system that is subject to breaking.
  • Adjustable front wheel to enable grinding on uneven floors and for transport. It can also be easily removed.
  • Quick Attack diamond holding system allows quick and easy diamond tool changing without the need for hammers or tools.
Technical Data
  • Motor
    Drive Inverter
    Speed Tools
    Working Width
    Tool Size
    Water Tank
  • 20-25HP

Key Features and Capabilities

Rigid Head

The machine design does not focus weight and pressure upon the chassis to make the head ‘float’ over the floor but rather directly on the planetary heads. This ensures that the floor is not ‘wavy’ and that the machine is rigid over the top of the grinding area to ensure the flattest floor possible.

Effective weight distribution

The motor is situated directly over the top of the planetary head alongside the water tank with three well balanced grinding heads for perfect distribution of weight, allowing the highest grinding pressure available. The design permits the machine to work effectively on all surfaces, including concrete as well as all types of stone such as marble and granite.

Adjustable working head pressure

New technology which allows for better and easier grinding. The pressure is adjusted according to an electronic actuator.

Large working width

With a working section of 850mm and 3 heads the Expander 850 is amongst the biggest floor grinding machinery in the world.

Easy Maintenance

A simple clean and grease performed on a regular basis ensures the bearings are well lubricated and extends the lifetime of the components considerably

Steel geared Planetary head

Planetary head is 100% tempered steel. With metal gears driving an active planetary system means that the main disc and satellites always run, allowing the machine to work hard with high performance.

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